Friday, October 25, 2013

43:52 Looking Down

Most days when I look down, it is at this child of mine.
She is always close. Sometimes too close.
This strong willed, stubborn child, I hate to admit, might just be like her mother.
I think this is where I should be calling my own mother to apologize for all that I might have caused as a child.
We are so much alike. Or, should I say, I see a lot of who I was as a kid.
I hope that I can see past these similarities in our personalities and give her what she needs from me. 
Oh sweet Evelynn how I love looking down into those big blue eyes of yours! 

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Friday, October 18, 2013

42:52 Story Board

(I think these picture tell this story pretty well. I'll share more about this little one next week.)
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Have a great weekend!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

41:52 Wrinkles

I can't say that I have the honor of the wrinkles that come with age, maturity or wisdom yet.
Right now my wrinkles come in the form of clean laundry piled in a basket from the day before.
Sometime my wrinkles are flu bugs, boogers and sickness.
Let's not forget the wrinkles that go with meal time.
Some wrinkles are sweet and pleasant.
And some wrinkles create satifaction.
When my current wrinkles are behind me and my children are grown and gone, I image my face will reflect these busy years. 

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Have a wrinkle-free weekend!

Friday, October 4, 2013

40:52 Movement

The movement of time seems to be racing on by.
Often times I hear that the stage of life I'm in right now is the happiest of times.
If this is true, how do I slow the movement of time? 
How can I cherish the every day busyness?  
I always do cherish the moments that are spend as a family unit. Weather it is dinner or a family outing. This time together often leaves me feeling refreshed, happy and complete. 
Since the movement of time is inevitable, I will try slow my own pace down. To enjoy these busy moments in life. So when I do look back, I am reminded at how happy they were.

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Have a great weekend!