Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The class I'm taking right now is Kit-tastic from Big Picture Classes. In this class we are learning how to make the most of our kits and also how to put together our own kits. How motivating. You don't know how many kits I have still sitting in their packages. Waiting for the perfect pictures to use them with. Too Many! Week 1's challenges are break open an unopened kit and use it, create a layout with contrast, and use a sketch.

My layout fit under the contrast, using an unopened kit and the sketch.
The sketch is from Pink Paislee, which can be found here.

I can't believe I finally broke open this kit I got from Paper Lovelies. Sad that they no longer are around. I really enjoyed the monthly challenge of taking what was in the kit and making cards. I really enjoy making cards. I made time for it every month. No matter how busy life seemed to be. Yesterday's card was the first card I've made since the middle of summer, sometime in June. 
This kit is Kaiser Kraft's Party Animals Collection. I used a few brads from my stash, along with some twine. For the banner I used my Stampin' up punch and punched various pattern paper from the kit. I also used a Fiskars small star punch.  
So excited to finally be scrapbooking pictures!

Monday, September 24, 2012


This weekend I had a little bit of time to sit down and craft. I was able to make two layouts and a card for my current class I'm taking. This was right before the first kiddo started puking.
The flu bug finally hit us. We have been fortunate enough to sort of miss bugs that are going around church. Sure glad that these bugs are long. But at the time 24 hours feels long enough. I left all crafting supplies and table where they had been stationed and settled 2 kids in bed with me.
 But 2 kids + 2 buckets + mom + double bed = not enough room. I quickly moved into the chair to sleep lightly. Waking at every little stir, roll and snore, ready to grab the bucket and help direct the flow into it. The stomachs eventually emptied and we were all able to get some sleep. Naomi was hit the hardest. Poor thing. It took most of Sunday for her to regain her strength. Still napping lots.
Sure glad it's Monday and everyone is feeling better! Time to get busy washing laundry.

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's been

a busy week over there.
This past Saturday Ryan shot a small moose. So Monday and Tuesday were spent processing moose meat. I got to dig in and get my hands dirty too. We now have meat in the freezer for winter. Yay!

I did a few days of  both the drop off and picks up for the car pool this week. I usually just do the pick ups. Have to admit I would much rather do the pick ups. Loading up hungry, jammie clad girls in this wet, cold weather isn't something they enjoyed.

Had a friend over so we could plan our day circle lesson on Wednesday. We also got to catch up on each other's lives while drinking coffee and enjoying lunch. The kids also had a blast playing together.

And Thursday I also got to have a couple different friends over to make some crafty projects for our annual church craft sale. Again we worked while visiting and drinking coffee. Super fun!

Poor Nolan has had way too many late nights this week. This morning I had to drag him out of bed while practically dressing him while he still sleeping. Next week I will get him in bed a decent hour.

Right now I have been enjoying the busyness of life. It helps make these days fly by. I didn't find time to journal and record thoughts and other ideas rolling around in my head. Next week I'll have to carve out a small amount of time during my day to do just that. If I don't find the time during the day I'll do it after the kids are in bed. Oh and I'll blog a little more too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mission accomplished

On Friday afternoon I sat down to work on my goal to scrapbook. I got 4 layouts done! Yup, that's 4. All were done around the daily challenges from Big Idea Festival going on at Big Picture Classes. I hope I'll have more time today to complete a couple more before the class ends. But if not, I'm excited I was able to submit my work in at least 6 of the 14 challenges.

Click any picture if you'd like to make it bigger and read the journalling. 

Day 4: Create a layout or project recording goals, hopes or dreams.
I forgot about leaving room for my journaling so it got really small. You probably won't be able to read it.
 I've journaled about wanting to learn how to budget so our finances aren't so up and down with seasonal work to the winter lay offs. About wanting bigger priced things, such as a bigger piece of land. Wanting to be debt-free. Refinancing our house. Going from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage. Lowering our interest rate 4%! Learning to leave my debit card and credit card at home and carry cash only. Learning to budget.  

Day 6: Use Cathy's free digital download to create a page that gets real. 

Day 7: Create a layout using a BIG photo.

Day 10: 1. Get in front of the camera and get some pictures of you!
2. Use a supply that you've been saving for the perfect layout on a scrapbook page today.
3. Think about something that's missing from your happily ever after. What steps can you take to make this a part of your  happily right now?

This newly re-arranged area works great! Nolan and Naomi have been happy to sit on the floor and cut up and stamp on construction paper. Staple it and cut it some more. There's even enough room for Nolan to play games on the computer while I'm crafting.
My littlest helper has been enjoying dumping stamps and other lower items. I put the harmless dump-ables lower for this purpose. It makes her happy and makes me happy I can craft. There is one slight problem. The small fold up table I use as my surface to work is a little too low. She can reach up and grab anything that's on the edge. I didn't discover this until she had confiscated several of my tools. I got up to get coffee and when I rounded the corner I busted her sneaking off with another items. She knew she was guilty and tried to run away. It was too funny! The surprised expression of getting caught on her face was great! Oh, and she finally discovered the paper stand full of paper. Right away she tried pulling the paper out of the shelves. I did put a stop to that one. That one's off limits. I'll have to push the chair back in front of it.
I can't wait to be able to sit down and try craft a little every day! Weather it's journalling, a card or a whole scrapbook layout.

This weekend my friend Elaine helped me make a bookshelf. It's put together, just needs a light sanding and a clear coat of finish on it. I'm excited that it will be added to this little crafting corner. Phase one to the desk over haul that will hopefully be a work in progress this winter. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boot camp letters

Do you remember me telling you that I signed up and am taking some online scrapbooking classes?
One class I am participating in the Big Idea Festival class going on at Big Picture Classes. The best part it's a free class. Every day there is a different teacher sharing their big idea about scrapbooking for a total of 14 days. It has been a wonderful experience so far. I am so inspired. The ideas are rolling around in my head. Today I made a goal to actually try work on some of the challenges and upload some of my work in the challenges as a chance to win a prize. I not the one who wins these types of things but I seem to be motivated by a challenge.
Day 1's challenge was: 'Make someone's day by putting pen to paper in the form of a personal note, letter, or handmade card then send it on it's way'.
This challenge seemed a little easy for me. 1. I have been writing weekly to my sister, Anika who is going through boot camp training right now. I try to add a little bit of me to her letters by embellishing the lower right corner before I send it on it's way. And 2. because I still love to send mail to my family. Plus I love when I receive mail back. I love the feeling you get when you go to the post office to pick up the mail and find a letter or card. Sure bets the never ending bills and junk mail that seem to fill the box up.
Do you write letters? Send someone happy mail? Do share.

12 months

Last week our baby turned 1.
Where does time go? I wish I could take the clock and make it turn a little slower.
Evelynn has 2 teeth that poked through the skin just before her birthday. 
She is trying walk. Taking little steps here and there. Almost looks like she wants to take of running.
She can be dramatic and stubborn.

She is busy. Always moving.
She dumps the kitchen cupboards, pulls laundry off the couch and empties the drawers in the bathroom.
She is quick to give mom and dad a smile. 
Begs dad to pick her up the moment he walks in the door from work.
She's a climber. Every time I turn around she's climbed up on something else.
She likes to think she's the boss. Pointing her finger & shouting in baby talk.
She loves here siblings. She is excited to see Nolan when he comes home from school.
She is such a joy and blessing. 
So thankful we have been blessed with her in our lives.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


For those who know us, know that Ryan is a hunter. He will always choose to hunt first over fishing or anything else.
If I think we need a bigger house for reasons regarding a bigger living room, more closet space and a crafting space that isn‘t in one of our needed bedrooms. Ryan would probably think we need a bigger house so we'd have more wall space for trophies. 

After spending much of the year out of town, in which he had time to reflect on our life and wanting to come home to spend more time with me and our family. Now add construction season that is in full swing. When this years hunting season rolled around, he didn’t know if he wanted to go. What!? A first for him. Ever. His heart was torn. I promptly stated that we should go together. He was over the moon that I wanted to go with him. So that is just what we did.

Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience over all.

I say over all because our first day out wasn’t all too pleasant. We started our day in the rain and ended in the rain. We were cold, wet, tired, did I mention we were cold? With the crumby weather the animals simply weren’t moving and we didn’t hardly see anything.

We came home. Showered. Warmed up and set off to get the kids thinking the whole weekend was going to be filled with bad weather.

Sunday morning we woke to beautiful weather. Ryan phoned his mom to see if she’d want the kids back so we could again head back out. She agreed and we franticly were trying to get our somewhat still wet gear back together.
We got to where we wanted to be, set up camp and started looking for moose. We saw lots of them! It was so exciting to see and watch them. There is nothing more peaceful then to be in the middle of no where. No electronics, No internet, just you and nature. We finally spotted a legal bull moose. We were eager tucked in for the night and get a good nights rest.

Monday morning we woke bright and early. Ryan again spotted the moose we saw the night before and made a game plan to get to it. It was freezing! Frost on the ground. I added lots of layers. Which I was later regretting. After we started hiking I was pulling them off fast! We did a stalk on the moose. We got nice and close to it. I drew up my rifle to shoot and the lens caps were on the scope. Darn! I started fumbling. The moose fever settled in and that big bull got away. 

Reflecting back now I can see how lucky I am to have gotten that close to a moose. We did a successful stalk. I can admit I was really, really disappointed.
 If the opportunity was offered to me again, I’d go in a heart beat. And with that being said, if any of my friends had the opportunity to head out with their husband I’d willing watch their kids so they could go.

I told Ryan I’d love to do that again not in hunting season. Just to get outdoors and shoot nature through the camera lens.  

We had a wonderful time and I look forward to doing it again some day. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Do you ever get to a point where you feel like you've lost your direction or your traveling in a direction you don't want to be heading?   
That seems to be me.
I've been so disorganized. I've been slacking on house work. I've been avoiding crafting.

A couple weeks ago I signed up for some scrapbooking classes online. 
Journaling has been my biggest milestone to actually creating layouts. How do you document life's stories? How do you tell a story? I've used that as my crutch as to the reason why I haven't started yet.
I have learned a lot from these class already. Although I feel like I'm not fully participating in the classes, doing the layouts and challenges that go with the classes. I've been blaming it on time. 

One teacher made a big impact on me with time. She said people have made comments to her that she must have all kinds of 'free time' to be creative. She pointed out to us that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. We all choose to spend our 'free time' differently. You might spend your time watching TV or connected to the internet or even going shopping for new clothes. She would rather take her 'free time' to be creative.

Wow!  This made me really stop and think. Yes, we all do have the same 24 hour in a day.  I need to stop making excuses or reasons as to why I am not doing the things I love to do.  I don't need to try create layouts and cards like the ones I see online or in magazines. 
There are no guide lines to crafting.
I don't need to compare myself or try measure up to anyone else. 
I am doing this for myself right? 
Then why am I so concerned to feel like it's not good enough? The teachers and classes have been so motivating. So inspiring.  I feel like I have the tools to start being creative again. 

This week I've been trying really trying to keep focused on what's in front of me. My house and the neglectful state it stands in, isn't really me. I'm in the process to getting this house back to my own clean standards. I have made lists. Not to long as to where I don't want to do them. But a realistic amount to tasks to complete in a day. I've been productive. I don't want my house to suffer any longer. It will come first before anything else! Wait... my kids actually come first and house second. 

I'm ready to take charge of my life. I'm grabbing the steering wheel and I'm going to be in control. I have also been thinking, reflection and trying to journal & record  life's happenings and my feelings.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome Fall

Fall has arrived in Alaska!
The air is starting to get chilly and carries that crisp, clean feeling.
Fall makes me want to drink coffee, lots of it.
I am seeing signs of fall.
Fall makes me want to work on the yard.
I am excited to welcome fall.
Fall makes me want to start getting busy.
Fall makes me feel motivated.
Fall makes me start to think about Library hour.
Fall makes me start thinking about our annual Home Market craft sale. Makes me want to get busy creating projects to add to the sale. Our sale is to help raise money for our future church building.
Fall makes me want to dust off the tennis shoes and move.
Fall makes me want to awaken new possibilities.
Fall makes me think about the Holidays ahead.
Fall makes me want to start planning.
Fall makes me see that we are past the half way marker of construction season and the long shifts.
Fall makes me want to start pulling out the paper crafting supplies.
Fall makes me happy.
Welcome Fall!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Want To Remember

~I want to remember your excitement to get ready for school each morning.
~I want to remember how much you love school!

~ I want to remember you biking to the neighbors to catch the morning car pool to school.
~I want to remember your sweet smile.

~ I want to remember how independent you have become.
~ I want to remember all the stories you share with me at the end of the day.

~I want to remember you shouting over your shoulder that you love me as you bike down the road!~
~I want to remember how the cool morning air feels against my face.

~I want to remember that if Naomi is awake how she insists on walking you down the driveway too.

~I want to remember how much you have grown! 
~I want time to slow down so I can enjoy every little moment in your life!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Independence Mine- Part 2

Wow, is it September already?
Sure felt like August flew right by. 
August was a busy month for us.
Ryan & I were able to fly out of state for my sisters wedding.
In August we celebrated 3 birthdays in this house.
Nolan turned 5, Ryan turned 30 and Evelynn turned 1.
Evelynn's was celebrated early since we were going to be hunting on her actually birthday.

My neighbor broke her leg and has been needing help a few hours a day helping with her daycare kids.
So we have been over there 3 to 4 days a week.
And Nolan started Kindergarten. He loves it!
We've been adjusting to the new routine.
Nolan is the one in our house who likes to sleep in.
I feel like we spin lots of circles when trying to get through the bedtime routine. 
I'm excited for September. The colors have been changing around here. 
We are seeing lots of yellows and reds.
With that the temperatures have been dropping at night.
After being outside for the weekend hunting, I've decided fall has a smell.
I like the smell of fall. New goal: try get out and enjoy it before it gets too cold.