Monday, September 24, 2012


This weekend I had a little bit of time to sit down and craft. I was able to make two layouts and a card for my current class I'm taking. This was right before the first kiddo started puking.
The flu bug finally hit us. We have been fortunate enough to sort of miss bugs that are going around church. Sure glad that these bugs are long. But at the time 24 hours feels long enough. I left all crafting supplies and table where they had been stationed and settled 2 kids in bed with me.
 But 2 kids + 2 buckets + mom + double bed = not enough room. I quickly moved into the chair to sleep lightly. Waking at every little stir, roll and snore, ready to grab the bucket and help direct the flow into it. The stomachs eventually emptied and we were all able to get some sleep. Naomi was hit the hardest. Poor thing. It took most of Sunday for her to regain her strength. Still napping lots.
Sure glad it's Monday and everyone is feeling better! Time to get busy washing laundry.

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  1. Bummer on the flu bug. Glad your not puking with them! Love Love the card! MOM