Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome Fall

Fall has arrived in Alaska!
The air is starting to get chilly and carries that crisp, clean feeling.
Fall makes me want to drink coffee, lots of it.
I am seeing signs of fall.
Fall makes me want to work on the yard.
I am excited to welcome fall.
Fall makes me want to start getting busy.
Fall makes me feel motivated.
Fall makes me start to think about Library hour.
Fall makes me start thinking about our annual Home Market craft sale. Makes me want to get busy creating projects to add to the sale. Our sale is to help raise money for our future church building.
Fall makes me want to dust off the tennis shoes and move.
Fall makes me want to awaken new possibilities.
Fall makes me think about the Holidays ahead.
Fall makes me want to start planning.
Fall makes me see that we are past the half way marker of construction season and the long shifts.
Fall makes me want to start pulling out the paper crafting supplies.
Fall makes me happy.
Welcome Fall!!


  1. Yes, fall is such a wonderful time of year! Today the weather has actually cooled off. Finally. I too am ready for fall! Fun pictures! MOM

  2. A bit of envy over here. Just a bit.