Thursday, September 13, 2012


For those who know us, know that Ryan is a hunter. He will always choose to hunt first over fishing or anything else.
If I think we need a bigger house for reasons regarding a bigger living room, more closet space and a crafting space that isn‘t in one of our needed bedrooms. Ryan would probably think we need a bigger house so we'd have more wall space for trophies. 

After spending much of the year out of town, in which he had time to reflect on our life and wanting to come home to spend more time with me and our family. Now add construction season that is in full swing. When this years hunting season rolled around, he didn’t know if he wanted to go. What!? A first for him. Ever. His heart was torn. I promptly stated that we should go together. He was over the moon that I wanted to go with him. So that is just what we did.

Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience over all.

I say over all because our first day out wasn’t all too pleasant. We started our day in the rain and ended in the rain. We were cold, wet, tired, did I mention we were cold? With the crumby weather the animals simply weren’t moving and we didn’t hardly see anything.

We came home. Showered. Warmed up and set off to get the kids thinking the whole weekend was going to be filled with bad weather.

Sunday morning we woke to beautiful weather. Ryan phoned his mom to see if she’d want the kids back so we could again head back out. She agreed and we franticly were trying to get our somewhat still wet gear back together.
We got to where we wanted to be, set up camp and started looking for moose. We saw lots of them! It was so exciting to see and watch them. There is nothing more peaceful then to be in the middle of no where. No electronics, No internet, just you and nature. We finally spotted a legal bull moose. We were eager tucked in for the night and get a good nights rest.

Monday morning we woke bright and early. Ryan again spotted the moose we saw the night before and made a game plan to get to it. It was freezing! Frost on the ground. I added lots of layers. Which I was later regretting. After we started hiking I was pulling them off fast! We did a stalk on the moose. We got nice and close to it. I drew up my rifle to shoot and the lens caps were on the scope. Darn! I started fumbling. The moose fever settled in and that big bull got away. 

Reflecting back now I can see how lucky I am to have gotten that close to a moose. We did a successful stalk. I can admit I was really, really disappointed.
 If the opportunity was offered to me again, I’d go in a heart beat. And with that being said, if any of my friends had the opportunity to head out with their husband I’d willing watch their kids so they could go.

I told Ryan I’d love to do that again not in hunting season. Just to get outdoors and shoot nature through the camera lens.  

We had a wonderful time and I look forward to doing it again some day. 

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy some minutes away together. :)
    Love the pictures!