Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Independence Mine- Part 2

Wow, is it September already?
Sure felt like August flew right by. 
August was a busy month for us.
Ryan & I were able to fly out of state for my sisters wedding.
In August we celebrated 3 birthdays in this house.
Nolan turned 5, Ryan turned 30 and Evelynn turned 1.
Evelynn's was celebrated early since we were going to be hunting on her actually birthday.

My neighbor broke her leg and has been needing help a few hours a day helping with her daycare kids.
So we have been over there 3 to 4 days a week.
And Nolan started Kindergarten. He loves it!
We've been adjusting to the new routine.
Nolan is the one in our house who likes to sleep in.
I feel like we spin lots of circles when trying to get through the bedtime routine. 
I'm excited for September. The colors have been changing around here. 
We are seeing lots of yellows and reds.
With that the temperatures have been dropping at night.
After being outside for the weekend hunting, I've decided fall has a smell.
I like the smell of fall. New goal: try get out and enjoy it before it gets too cold.

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