Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Do you ever get to a point where you feel like you've lost your direction or your traveling in a direction you don't want to be heading?   
That seems to be me.
I've been so disorganized. I've been slacking on house work. I've been avoiding crafting.

A couple weeks ago I signed up for some scrapbooking classes online. 
Journaling has been my biggest milestone to actually creating layouts. How do you document life's stories? How do you tell a story? I've used that as my crutch as to the reason why I haven't started yet.
I have learned a lot from these class already. Although I feel like I'm not fully participating in the classes, doing the layouts and challenges that go with the classes. I've been blaming it on time. 

One teacher made a big impact on me with time. She said people have made comments to her that she must have all kinds of 'free time' to be creative. She pointed out to us that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. We all choose to spend our 'free time' differently. You might spend your time watching TV or connected to the internet or even going shopping for new clothes. She would rather take her 'free time' to be creative.

Wow!  This made me really stop and think. Yes, we all do have the same 24 hour in a day.  I need to stop making excuses or reasons as to why I am not doing the things I love to do.  I don't need to try create layouts and cards like the ones I see online or in magazines. 
There are no guide lines to crafting.
I don't need to compare myself or try measure up to anyone else. 
I am doing this for myself right? 
Then why am I so concerned to feel like it's not good enough? The teachers and classes have been so motivating. So inspiring.  I feel like I have the tools to start being creative again. 

This week I've been trying really trying to keep focused on what's in front of me. My house and the neglectful state it stands in, isn't really me. I'm in the process to getting this house back to my own clean standards. I have made lists. Not to long as to where I don't want to do them. But a realistic amount to tasks to complete in a day. I've been productive. I don't want my house to suffer any longer. It will come first before anything else! Wait... my kids actually come first and house second. 

I'm ready to take charge of my life. I'm grabbing the steering wheel and I'm going to be in control. I have also been thinking, reflection and trying to journal & record  life's happenings and my feelings.


  1. Some one once asked me when I said I didn't have time to do my own stuff.... "Why do you let others use your time? You can control how your time is used. Learn to say no to some of the things others want you to do." How true! Glad you have your time back in control. MOM

  2. Time. Somedays it doesn't matter that we all have the same 24 hours. Our obligations and responsibilities might still be reaching in many different directions. Taking time to play is, in my mind, vital. It keeps me balanced and happy. It may not happen as often as I'd like, but when it doesn't it is because I've been busy doing things that have been equally important.
    Create what is you. Not what is someone else because they made it into a magazine. When we take the time to create the things we enjoy ... they reflect us. I find those are the things I enjoy most.