Monday, December 31, 2012

Weekend Lens

I feel like a bear that's crawling out of its winter den.
Christmas time around here is always super busy. I of course, always save everything for last minute. 

Ryan and I have been talking for a few weeks now, to make it to the cabin over winter break. On Thursday Ryan finally located the bolt he needed for the snow machine. It was located in Sunshine. An hour away, but an hour towards the cabin. So we packed up our gear and were on the road a few hours later.
Our family of 5 all climbed on the snow machine and made it into the cabin in 1 trip! There was a couple close calls of tipping and 1 complete tip over just as we neared the cabin. 
I have to admit it was the perfect way to wind down after all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. 
We also enjoyed being together as a family unit with nothing else to do but play!
We enjoyed the snow.
Anika and Tanner joined us on Saturday and we enjoyed their company.
It was a great weekend escape and hope there will be many more opportunities through out the winter.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jack the elf

has returned to our house.
The kids have been over excited about him being back. The hunt to find him in the morning is worth waking for. Nolan has been trying hard to make sure he is being good and is willing to report to the elf if anyone else isn't. The other day Naomi was in tears because she hadn't been listening very well and was even more upset knowing the elf was going to tell Santa that she wasn't being good. She was later seen telling the elf she was going to listen. It was something like this: "Elf, LISTEN."... "Elf, I LISTEN."

Also over heard this week:
Ryan to Nolan (after many attempts to get him focused on supper)  "Okay Vernie"
Nolan: "That's name calling and I'm going to tell the elf to tell Santa. He'll bring you a lump of coal!"
Ryan: "Yeah! I want a bunch of coal for Christmas. We could burn it in the garage and it would be way better than wood."

Anika and Nolan were writing letters and numbers.
Nolan to Anika "I'm writing nonsense words."
Anika little confused...
Nolan: "It's just a bunch of letters that spell nothing!"