Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend wrap

Saturday was a full day at the Colony bazaar.
 I was a ball of nerves Friday night... nervous... excited. This was my first time being at a craft sale. I felt out of my comfort zone and was glad to sit and man the check out table. It was a little intimidated to actually be there and watch people look at my work. I felt like I was able to relax a wee bit more towards the end of the sale. It was a busy day. People said good things about all of our work. Overall the experience was great! I'm super excited to hit the sewing machine hard again for the next one in 2 weeks!
Sunday was family day. It started by snuggling with giggling little's in bed. Love that! Then onto a yummy breakfast of waffles and berry sauce. Then some more giggles shared. The skies were clear and we decided to take a drive up to Hatcher's.
 Nolan and Naomi packed all their snow gear expect their gloves. Ugh. They probably would have played a little longer in the snow if they would have had gloves, it was pretty chilly. They are excited to wait for more snow so we can go back and go sledding.
Just the start to the busy-ness of the holiday! I am so glad December starts on a Saturday this year. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Yesterday we spent our day being thankful that could be surrounded by loved ones. We eat and eat and eat some more. 
Did you find yourself Black Friday shopping today? I snuck out the door this morning, dark and early to snag a few Christmas gifts at a great price. I came home to do a wee bit more sewing and got 3 hours in before the kids woke for the day! That never happens. 
This house a has been sew crazy these past couple weeks with me trying to cram in as many hours as I could on the sewing machine. 
Tomorrow I'll be hooking up with 2 crafty people, Leslie with L Designs and Frieda Schoon, we are  sharing a couple booths at the Colony High School Craft Bazaar. This is one of the Valley's biggest craft sales. Come find us in the last hallway on the right for a wide selection of children and adult aprons, lots of hair pretties, purses and clutches.
The car is mostly loaded and I'm almost ready. Just a couple last minute things to finish up. If you come by make sure you come and say "hi".

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girls room

This room is finally coming together.

On Monday I finished painting the cubbie shelves. Painting with 3 helpers and 1 that kept climbing over the barrier between them and the paint. Then trying to dip her fingers in paint is not recommended.

Then yesterday I spent the day digging, collecting, organizing and cleaning. Still in my cleaning/ organizing mood I happened into the old craft room/ girls room.
Here is a before shot of the room. Gulp. It's not a wonder these girls were up to no good for a while. No where to play and lots to dig in. -please excuse the poor lighting in these pictures-
I think we can officially call this the girls room now.
Behind me in this picture is the doorway and a pack and play. So lots more room to play in this room now! 

Ryan and I went out of dinner last night, alone. Sort of a celebration to finally completing this chore. Afterwards he braved Joann's with me and we found 1 piece of fabric. Yup, we walked out the door with only 1 thing! The plan is to make a curtain that will hide a bit of the upper part of the shelf.  The curtain will have two purposes; one so it's not such a eye sore to look at the junk crammed in there and two out of site out of mind for the littles' that will be playing in there.

I still have some crafty stuff take down and move out of the room. Punches, stamps and a bulletin board.

We also need to re-hang the closet doors. They the mirrored kind and right now are gold trimmed. So the plan is to sand and repaint them a white to match the rest of the future trim. I can already picture the girls twirling in dress up clothes in front of the mirrors.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


We have had a lot of changes in this house these last few weeks! I feel like I'm still whirling from all of them.
My morning routine has been changed slightly.  Instead of browsing the internet and blogging while sipping my morning cup of coffee, I now sip while driving Nolan to school an extra hour early. He is getting a little extra help to get him caught up with the rest of his class. I feared this would be a battle every morning and lots of extra tears. But the only major tears that have been shed, were because Ryan took my keys with him one morning and I wasn't able to bring him.

My sister has moved in with us. It has been nice to have her with us and she has been a tremendous amount of help. My girls have been hap hazard-ly taking up residence in the 'craft room' though.  Ryan has build some cubby shelves. They are awesome! Can't wait to paint and fill them. I also need to make the time to clear the rest of the craft stuff out of there. The constant digging and dumping is starting to wear on me.

Construction season has wound down for the year. This comes with a mix of new feelings. Ryan says he won't be going back to work for someone else in the spring. I am excited and nervous for him. I know he does great job at what he does. But there is a lot to learn on the business side of things! We have attended a couple business seminars and my confidences are starting to creep up a little.
A few months back I signed up to do a couple craft sales. I will be selling children and adult aprons. Maybe some crochet hats and headbands. The first sale is now only within weeks away. Time to get serious about focusing on sewing!
Time to make a small amount of time for sewing or crafting. Today might just be getting back into blogging and tomorrow a card. But if all I have is 10 minutes, I'll make the best of it! I'll soon share photos of the aprons I'm working on right now.