Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend wrap

Saturday was a full day at the Colony bazaar.
 I was a ball of nerves Friday night... nervous... excited. This was my first time being at a craft sale. I felt out of my comfort zone and was glad to sit and man the check out table. It was a little intimidated to actually be there and watch people look at my work. I felt like I was able to relax a wee bit more towards the end of the sale. It was a busy day. People said good things about all of our work. Overall the experience was great! I'm super excited to hit the sewing machine hard again for the next one in 2 weeks!
Sunday was family day. It started by snuggling with giggling little's in bed. Love that! Then onto a yummy breakfast of waffles and berry sauce. Then some more giggles shared. The skies were clear and we decided to take a drive up to Hatcher's.
 Nolan and Naomi packed all their snow gear expect their gloves. Ugh. They probably would have played a little longer in the snow if they would have had gloves, it was pretty chilly. They are excited to wait for more snow so we can go back and go sledding.
Just the start to the busy-ness of the holiday! I am so glad December starts on a Saturday this year. 

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  1. Makes me lonesome for Hatchers! Glad the sale was a positive experience!