Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipe box

I simply adore this paper! 
Making a recipe box seemed very fitting with Paper Lovelies May kit.
Using the pattern paper from the kit, I punched tabs to divide each section. Using the computer I typed some small short names to put on each tab.  I decided to put my hoarding skills aside and use thickers to title each divider.  The metal recipe box came from the office section at the local grocery store. 

Ten in a day- April

This months pictures are of family.
Yesterday was spent at the park.
It was so nice to spend time as a family unit!
Taking pictures of moving targets is a wee bit challenging! Many of my pictures were blurry. But I took a bunch and got lots of practice shooting away.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baking cookies

The paper in Paper Lovelies May kit is beautiful! It is a kitchen themed paper. So much fun to play with. It's  still spread across my desk. I have pictures of baby taking a bath in the kitchen sink that I would love to scrapbook with this paper. I didn't get my layout done in time to submit. I did make a recipe card box and that is on Paper Lovelies site. I'll share that here with more pictures next week.
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It sure feels like spring. The melting of the snow now really has me convince it really is here. The kids have been in and out tracking the mud in. Shedding clothes as they get muddy or wet.
 We still have tons of snow! Wishing it would hurry up & melt.
I am enjoying just jumping into the car and going. Not having to warm the car or pack the winter gear. I did wash, dry and pack half of the snow gear away. Now I should be packing dry clothes and foot gear.
The sweeping, mopping and laundry has been an endless job lately but a good problem to have.
I need to get a new tube for the burley so we can be walking in the evenings.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Missing in Action

Wow, has it really been a week since I've been on here last?

We are together as a family unit again. And well, it's sort of been a busy week around here.
All pictures taken Easter Sunday.

Ryan is home. Yay!! It was an enjoyable, relaxing, family day. We even got outside for a walk.
He jumped right into a class that started the next day. Which, we are crossing our fingers, will hopefully open more doors for work. Life feels some what complete again.
I must say we need to be careful for what we wish for. I had been wishing (when Ryan was gone) for some time to myself, that didn't include the responsibilities of caring for this house or our children. Some guilt free, free time. Are you following me? Well I got some of that time... Jury duty. yup. grin. Two days a week, every other week for three months. Totalling twelve days. I'm down two, ten more to go. I'm sure that I could have gone before the judge on selection day and told him every little reason why I thought I shouldn't be there but looking around the room at the other 118 people that showed up, I felt my reasons quite silly. And to be honest, besides a baby that will not take a bottle, I am actually kind of enjoying it. It is really interesting to see what goes on in our court system and it's sort of an eye opener to the crime that is happening in my community.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making a list

Our count down is on until Ryan comes home. How is it that I have butterflies in my stomach anticipating his arrival? Will be able to enjoy Easter dinner together.

I've made a list for myself of the much needed chores that need to be done before he arrives:
-dust. scrub. polish. freshen. In areas such as the fridge. bathrooms. beds.
-make a menu. buy groceries.
-pay bills.
-call and see if they have figured out what is wrong with my van.

I've also made a list for him of what he needs to do when he comes home:
-give hugs, lots of them.
-for our children; read books. tuck them in at night. say their prayers. fluff their blankets. watch them learn new things. discover all they have learned and how they have grown in your absence. listen to their stories. play. laugh. kiss boo-boos.
-tell us stories your stories.
-eat healthy dinners as a family, guilty, I've been seriously, slacking in this department. No, we haven't been starving but more or less not eating very healthy.
-be our bedtime patrolman.
-listen to my crazy ideas. I have many of them.
-take me out on a date or two or three.
-sit down and make a budget.
-drink a cup of coffee with me or a few.

I hope I my to do list isn't too big. Or too much to ask for.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


These two just melt my heart!
When attempting to snap a few pictures of Evelynn yesterday Naomi insisted on being part of them too.
Little do they know just how lucky they are to have each other! They may not always realize it and might not until they are much older. But they are. And I am lucky too! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick note

Thanks to you that sent me a message today! I needed them. I was pretty blue. I think I have found my sense of humor again. I did go to the chiropractors office today and he tried to straighten me out. hee hee. Might need another visit thou. Spoke to Ryan this afternoon and he will be home Sunday. Yay!! I feel like singing on the top of my lungs. After the trip to the chiropractor we went to Wal- Mart to see if a little retail therapy would lift the spirits a little more. We came home with a new pair of sweat pants, a bouquet of flowers and some stuff to plant a few flowers of our own.

Just what the doctor ordered!

While we were at Wal- Mart, an older lady looked at the kids piled in the shopping cart and stated "Are they all yours?" I had to chuckle. This comment royally bugs me. I only have 3 kids. Not 10.
She could see that I was about to giggle. I replied with "No, half of them are my husbands."
It took her a second to get it and then she was giggling. She walked away with on her face.


I am feeling burnt out. Or should I say empty.. 
Most of all I am lonesome.
This year has been rough.
I have only gotten to spend 16 days total with Ryan so far.
 He has been away from home totalling 9 weeks so far, and still gone.
I am finding it hard to stay positive.
  I am truly thankful that Ryan has indeed had work, but am tired of being alone.
It's now time for him to come home, we need him!
I don't think I can do this much longer.
 I need him. I need his companionship. My confidant. A shoulder to lean on.
 The things I enjoyed doing, aren't so enjoyable anymore.
The things I never had to do, I have to.
I do have something to wake each morning and put my best foot forward.
They are our children.
I have tried hard to keep a loving, stable home for them, when life otherwise feels like a mess.
I also have some wonderful and supportive family and friends.
I think I would have lost it already if I didn't have them.

7 months

Really? Were does time go? I can not believe this little girl is 7 months already! I know she has been growing but has it really been that long already?
Evelynn now spends the majority of her time on her tummy. She moves all over the place. Mostly backwards. She isn't quite crawling on all fours yet but does push herself up, rocks and then plops back down. She still is a supported sitter. She is sleeping in her own room and thru the nights. She loves to be talked to and will chat back to you. Her hand eye coordination in amazing! She loves her brother and sister and lights up when she sees them.

 I didn't share pictures of her at 6 months since I was in Arizona. I did ask Jenny if she would snap a few photos for a 6 month picture to put on the wall. It was so much fun. Such a fun age. If you want to take a peek at the pictures she took head over to her blog and take a look.