Friday, May 24, 2013

21:52 Laughter

To my sweet Naomi,
For someone that doesn't so readily give out smiles,  I was delighted to capture your smile and laughter on camera.  I love that I can come back to these pictures already and hear your laughter! I can picture you falling on the ground laughing because Nolan was chasing you. Always remember to keep laughing! 
Who would have know this slide would provide these kids with hours of entertainment?

Have you laugh today?

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

20:52 Mother

I am a mother
my life is full.
My heart keeps growing bigger,
each and every day.
As we get ready to
welcome another baby,
we remember
that all gifts come from God.
Even from the very beginning
there is that warm sensation,
as the tiny seed of life
 takes hold and begins to grow.
The baby's movements increase,
just like the heart. 
Anxiousness and impatience
are here at the end, 
as the waiting feels so long,
to meet this perfect, little miracle. 
After the all the hard work is done
and you see your precious child
The clock seems to stop as you 
take in this infant so perfect and small.
I am a mother 
my life is so full!
How have I been blessed
and trusted with these gifts?

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Friday, May 10, 2013

19:52 Night

We are just getting into our long days here in Alaska.
Where at night you go to bed when it is light out and wake and it is light again.
I pulled these photos from archived files.
The day light does something to you. You get more done and you loose all track of time.(like getting my post up) Making dinner for 6pm has been really hard. We've been eating at 6:30pm and even 7pm most nights. The bed time fight between the kids and I is getting harder. So glad there is only 2 more weeks until school is out!

The snow is almost gone and the ground is finally drying out. I'll be ready for the mud to dry up. A little sweet thing I know, thinks every time she is even a little muddy that she needs to change her pants. This include a fresh pair of underwear also! Still haven't figured that one out?
The kids and I were able to pick up branches and do a little raking the other day. Which we hope to get more done this weekend!
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Friday, May 3, 2013

18:52 Quiet Place

Do you have a quiet place?
If I had to think of where my quiet place would be I would think it would be the mornings.
The start of a new day. That stillness that still lingers. The cool air. The sun starting to make it's way up. The peaceful sound of the birds singing. 

 I never used to like mornings much as a teenager or as a young adult. But after being married to an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy... I have grown to enjoy the morning hours. I even used to set my alarm clock, so I could have an hour or so of peace & quiet all to myself in the mornings before the kids woke up. Time to think about the day, make a plan of what needed to be done or just time to get on the computer. But now I share my mornings with a toddler that wakes me almost every morning. Evelynn is very much a morning person, like her father. At least she is usually happy to share this time together!
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