Friday, May 17, 2013

20:52 Mother

I am a mother
my life is full.
My heart keeps growing bigger,
each and every day.
As we get ready to
welcome another baby,
we remember
that all gifts come from God.
Even from the very beginning
there is that warm sensation,
as the tiny seed of life
 takes hold and begins to grow.
The baby's movements increase,
just like the heart. 
Anxiousness and impatience
are here at the end, 
as the waiting feels so long,
to meet this perfect, little miracle. 
After the all the hard work is done
and you see your precious child
The clock seems to stop as you 
take in this infant so perfect and small.
I am a mother 
my life is so full!
How have I been blessed
and trusted with these gifts?

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