Friday, January 25, 2013

4:52: Self Portait

This week's challenge was a challenge for me.
Sorry you have to suffer with my camera picture this week. 
I thought about trying to take my picture with some sun streaming behind me. Sort of a distraction from the pale skin and growing baby bump. However on that day the sun refused to shine. So instead I captured my picture in the car. It seems as of lately life has been busy. Busy balancing family, the house and my husband's new adventure to starting his own business. This week I also wanted to remember this all to familiar shot of us on the go.  
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Friday, January 18, 2013

3:52 Something Old

This is an older picture. I really couldn't figure out what to take a photo of this week. 
This picture pulls on my heart strings! 
I had the opportunity to take a tour bus into Denali Park while my grandparents were up here a few years ago. So glad I had this chance to spend time with them. I love that I can go back and look at these pictures and clearly remember that day.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Love this girl!!!
She is always bringing a smile to make face or making me laugh. I could sit and watch and be entertained by her all day. I sure hope she continues to do this for many, many, many more years!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Car Seat Blanket

I know some may be concerned about safety while using a type of blanket in a car seat. I did some reading up on car seat safety before posting this. Seriously? I think some have taken it a little too far. Some sites went as far as saying that you should buckle your child into their car seat without their jackets on, then put their jacket on backwards after they are buckled up. I understand that you want your child to be safe while riding in the car. And that you want the buckles to be as close to their bodies as possible so if, in a collision they are as secure as possible. Got it.
I felt that living in extreme temperatures that Alaska can have, my child being warm is just as important. I found that blankets are a must when the weather is cold.  Let me tell you when your in the grocery store for about an hour and the weather is below -20, the car cools off fast. 
So I'll let you decide on your child's safety and I'll decide on the safety of my mine. 

Last year black Friday shopping I picked up this fleece with the intent of making car seat blankets. And never got around to making them.
 So while our weather is fairly warm at the moment, and knowing we have many more months of winter. I decided it was time to dig out the fabric and make them. 
 I searched online for a nice, already done tutorial but couldn't find one that I liked. So I took some pictures of how I made mine. 

Step 1: cut fabric. For a toddler seat you'll need just under 1 1/2 yards of fleece. 
So I don't have a perfect pattern for you, just some measurements to go off of, you'll have to wing it a little bit.
Step 2: Open up you fabric and put it inside your car seat. I marked the top of mine with a pin before I opened mine up. Smooth it all flat and feel for where the buckles are at. Grab a pen and draw a line where each buckle is. I had 5 total. 
Step 3: Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut along your pen lines. These cut only have to be about 1 1/2". Also on each end make 2 smaller cuts, sort of at an angle. Don't make them very big. Only about 1/4". You are wanting to create 4 small sides to you cut. Repeat 4 more times. 
Step 4: Flip your fabric over. Tuck each of the small flap to your opening under and top stitch around the opening. Repeat 4 more times. 
You now should have something like this:
Step 5: I added a piece of elastic on the top to hold it from falling into the car seat. If you want to do this also, put your fabric back into your car seat. Put a small pin to mark where the elastic should be on each side. 
Step 6: Sew on your bias tape. I used 2 packages. I pieced the bias tape before sewing it to my fabric.
I was determined not to have to go out and buy anything for this project, and use what I had on hand. Each of blanket have 2 different colors. 
You want to start sewing so that your elastic is added at the end. When looking at your piece, the top is up, start  just below the pin on the right hand side.
 When you come to your 1st pin tuck the elastic into the bias tape. It will be underneath your fabric if your top is up. I back stitched over mine to make sure it wouldn't come undone with the extra force that I'm sure will be added to it. Now make sure you don't catch the elastic when your sewing to your next pin. 
When you get to you next pin, put your needle down. Find the other end of your elastic and tuck it into the bias tape, back stitch. 
Step 7: Finishing off. To finish off I stopped about 6 inches before I started. Put your needle down. Open up your bias tape and tuck the cut end in about 1 inch. Then fold your bias tape back together. This way all your raw edges are not exposed.
Finished car seat blanket!
Happy girl excited about her new blanket.
All bundled up.
The 2nd seat I have is slightly different is style. I had to add two pieces of elastic for this one.
2nd happy girl who loves her blanket and likes to haul her blanket every where! 
Now I'm a happy mom who doesn't have to haul blankets in and out of the house to car. This will cut down a lot on the laundry! I'm forever washing blankets that slip off and boots that drip on them. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

It all started with...


I happened to spied a fuzzy, little, gray creature scurry across the kitchen floor while trying to enjoying my coffee this morning.

Then I thought I'd try be funny and scare the toddler a little.

She stopped what she was doing. Her eyes got really big and she quietly said. "Mouse. in. the. house?"

Now I have a teary eyed, scared little girl who doesn't know if she should get off the couch and play.

Poor thing! Today I think I qualify for a mean mom award.

Off to go search for some mouse traps in the garage....

52:2 Getting Really Close

Yippee!! It's Friday again, which means it's time to share our weekly photo again. Or for me photos, since I can't seem to ever nail it down, to just one. We have several more ladies who wanted to join in on all the fun!
This week for me meant getting really close to the object I was trying to photograph.
Love this star I got for a Christmas present from my mom.
Our paper lilies are getting really close to opening again! So fun to watch.
It's been so nice to having the camera in arms reach again. I've been trying to capture the little things that make my day. And then just every day life. I thought I'd share a few highlights from our week.
I forgot to take a picture of my alarm clock. We are finally getting back into the swing of getting up for school again. Over winter break we enjoyed sleeping in every day!
I'm still trying to figure how to put my pictures into some sort of album. I don't think I want to do a full blown scrapbook. Just an album with pictures and a wee bit of space to journal. Still thinking on it. 
Now back to the Project 52. Keep on hopping around the circle to see what all the other creative ladies have for you! Next you are going here.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Evelynn's quilt

Is finally finished!
This was intended to be a Christmas present but I waited too long to start it.
I spend a fair amount of time quilting it but after pulling it out of the dryer, it was all worth it! 
I love the way the quilt gets that wrinkly look after it's been washed and drys! 
I used Cluck Cluck Sew's Pow-Wow pattern.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I am so my father's daughter....

I guess I've known this for while now but these last weeks I've really been realizing it and I am trying starting to make more peace with it.

Just the other day I called my dad with a question and we started talking about how I am a so much like him. I told him what I know I've gotten from him, and then had to repeat it again on speaker phone so Stacey could hear it also... I am a sucker for a good deal, even if I need it or not! I'm a collector and a hoarder. And I really, really don't like to file! I jokingly told my dad that I had about 6 months worth of filing laid out on my bed ready to be filed. But when I got down to filing it ended up being everything from January of 2012. Gulp! 

Stacey did point out yet another way I am just like my dad and my front entry way is proof in it's self. She said my dad's way of cleaning/ organizing is moving stuff from one surface to another. Ding. Ding. Ding. Boy did she hit the nail on head for that one! The garage isn't my space to pile and collect but my front entry way has been this for me.

I didn't make new year's resolutions this year but goals to accomplish for the year instead. Realistic goals. Like clean up the clutter and purge. Let me tell you this has not been an easy task!

Right off from the 1st of the year I had a goal of a few target areas in mind. Especially knowing our CPA would be coming out to our house this week. yikes! Number 1 area, my storage closet,  the front entry way. No, I didn't dare take a before picture. Let's just say it was to the point you couldn't open the front door....

I am, over all almost caught up on the daunting task of declutter-ing and purging. I have quite a large pile needing to hit the thrift store. I have a rather large basket full of clothes needing to make it to the consignment store and 12 months of paperwork all nicely filed.

Next week I will be able to finally have nap time to be crafty and share that with you. As soon as I dig out my desk. Hee hee.

Friday, January 4, 2013

1:52- Winter

This year I'm joining my cousin and a few friends in a weekly photo challenge.
The goal is to challenge ourselves to pick up our cameras more and/or take better photos.
I'm super excited! I've always wanted to do project life, where you scrapbook your life in weeks. What appeals to me the most about project life is documenting and recording every day life. Remembering the little details that often get forgotten. 
This week is Winter. 
We had more snow but our weather turned warmer and most of it has melted. Winter for us is long and the time of year I look forward to sewing. 
Each Friday will be something different.
We are each going to link you to the next person. You will travel in a circle from Alaska <--- That's me, to Arizona, to Colorado, back to Arizona and then back to me. It will be fun to see what the other ladies come up with. So if your starting with me, continue on to Anita's Blog to see what she has for you today. Don't forget to check everyone's blog. Come back and tell me what your favorite photo was and who took it.  
Happy blog hopping! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I would love to be sitting here...
Working on the quilt I started last night. All my pieces are cut. Just waiting to be sewn. 
But reality is hogging the entire couch... 
I even think there is another load in the dryer.