Friday, January 4, 2013

1:52- Winter

This year I'm joining my cousin and a few friends in a weekly photo challenge.
The goal is to challenge ourselves to pick up our cameras more and/or take better photos.
I'm super excited! I've always wanted to do project life, where you scrapbook your life in weeks. What appeals to me the most about project life is documenting and recording every day life. Remembering the little details that often get forgotten. 
This week is Winter. 
We had more snow but our weather turned warmer and most of it has melted. Winter for us is long and the time of year I look forward to sewing. 
Each Friday will be something different.
We are each going to link you to the next person. You will travel in a circle from Alaska <--- That's me, to Arizona, to Colorado, back to Arizona and then back to me. It will be fun to see what the other ladies come up with. So if your starting with me, continue on to Anita's Blog to see what she has for you today. Don't forget to check everyone's blog. Come back and tell me what your favorite photo was and who took it.  
Happy blog hopping! 


  1. fantastic selection of photos! I love the top left one, especially! so pretty with the sun peeking through!

  2. Hard all the photos on the other blogs. Maaret's photo of cough drops and crumpled kleenex really made me smile, though. Nothing says Winter! like a double barrelled snot gun and a raspy voice!

  3. I love the fact that you're tying this together with Project Life! You're going to have a fabulous album when the year is done. :)