Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick note

Thanks to you that sent me a message today! I needed them. I was pretty blue. I think I have found my sense of humor again. I did go to the chiropractors office today and he tried to straighten me out. hee hee. Might need another visit thou. Spoke to Ryan this afternoon and he will be home Sunday. Yay!! I feel like singing on the top of my lungs. After the trip to the chiropractor we went to Wal- Mart to see if a little retail therapy would lift the spirits a little more. We came home with a new pair of sweat pants, a bouquet of flowers and some stuff to plant a few flowers of our own.

Just what the doctor ordered!

While we were at Wal- Mart, an older lady looked at the kids piled in the shopping cart and stated "Are they all yours?" I had to chuckle. This comment royally bugs me. I only have 3 kids. Not 10.
She could see that I was about to giggle. I replied with "No, half of them are my husbands."
It took her a second to get it and then she was giggling. She walked away with on her face.


  1. You have such a great attitude. Love it. -jessica

  2. LOVE that comeback! MOM

  3. Ahh Amber, I wish we were closer. You are great at staying positive and making the best of your situation. Your children and husband are lucky to have you. And yes, that was a great comeback, I will have to use that one! :) Happy reunion with Ryan, I hope he can stay awhile.

  4. Amber: After I read your post yesterday I wished I could do something to help...at least give you a hug (even though I'm not necessarily the hugging type). Sounds like you might have gotten some "hang in there, we're with ya" messages... and you were in my thoughts off and on. So...glad to hear Ryan's going to be home in a few days. And I concur that your comeback about "all yours" was priceless. I'll have to share that one with other family members that get that same question. - Selma

  5. Great comeback! I'll have to share that with others to use.
    So glad he's finally coming home. I know the road has been a long one this year.
    Wish I was there for coffee and hugs.