Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making a list

Our count down is on until Ryan comes home. How is it that I have butterflies in my stomach anticipating his arrival? Will be able to enjoy Easter dinner together.

I've made a list for myself of the much needed chores that need to be done before he arrives:
-dust. scrub. polish. freshen. In areas such as the fridge. bathrooms. beds.
-make a menu. buy groceries.
-pay bills.
-call and see if they have figured out what is wrong with my van.

I've also made a list for him of what he needs to do when he comes home:
-give hugs, lots of them.
-for our children; read books. tuck them in at night. say their prayers. fluff their blankets. watch them learn new things. discover all they have learned and how they have grown in your absence. listen to their stories. play. laugh. kiss boo-boos.
-tell us stories your stories.
-eat healthy dinners as a family, guilty, I've been seriously, slacking in this department. No, we haven't been starving but more or less not eating very healthy.
-be our bedtime patrolman.
-listen to my crazy ideas. I have many of them.
-take me out on a date or two or three.
-sit down and make a budget.
-drink a cup of coffee with me or a few.

I hope I my to do list isn't too big. Or too much to ask for.

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  1. Love it Amber!! Hopefully you can take a few dates!!! lol Thats great Ryan will be home for Easter and you all can enjoy it together!!