Friday, April 13, 2012

Missing in Action

Wow, has it really been a week since I've been on here last?

We are together as a family unit again. And well, it's sort of been a busy week around here.
All pictures taken Easter Sunday.

Ryan is home. Yay!! It was an enjoyable, relaxing, family day. We even got outside for a walk.
He jumped right into a class that started the next day. Which, we are crossing our fingers, will hopefully open more doors for work. Life feels some what complete again.
I must say we need to be careful for what we wish for. I had been wishing (when Ryan was gone) for some time to myself, that didn't include the responsibilities of caring for this house or our children. Some guilt free, free time. Are you following me? Well I got some of that time... Jury duty. yup. grin. Two days a week, every other week for three months. Totalling twelve days. I'm down two, ten more to go. I'm sure that I could have gone before the judge on selection day and told him every little reason why I thought I shouldn't be there but looking around the room at the other 118 people that showed up, I felt my reasons quite silly. And to be honest, besides a baby that will not take a bottle, I am actually kind of enjoying it. It is really interesting to see what goes on in our court system and it's sort of an eye opener to the crime that is happening in my community.

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  1. I thought jury duty was interesting too! I actually wasn't chosen to be on the jury- that was when I had morning sickness and didn't really care to puke in someone else's toilet every other day. Have fun and enjoy your 'me' time ;)