Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girls room

This room is finally coming together.

On Monday I finished painting the cubbie shelves. Painting with 3 helpers and 1 that kept climbing over the barrier between them and the paint. Then trying to dip her fingers in paint is not recommended.

Then yesterday I spent the day digging, collecting, organizing and cleaning. Still in my cleaning/ organizing mood I happened into the old craft room/ girls room.
Here is a before shot of the room. Gulp. It's not a wonder these girls were up to no good for a while. No where to play and lots to dig in. -please excuse the poor lighting in these pictures-
I think we can officially call this the girls room now.
Behind me in this picture is the doorway and a pack and play. So lots more room to play in this room now! 

Ryan and I went out of dinner last night, alone. Sort of a celebration to finally completing this chore. Afterwards he braved Joann's with me and we found 1 piece of fabric. Yup, we walked out the door with only 1 thing! The plan is to make a curtain that will hide a bit of the upper part of the shelf.  The curtain will have two purposes; one so it's not such a eye sore to look at the junk crammed in there and two out of site out of mind for the littles' that will be playing in there.

I still have some crafty stuff take down and move out of the room. Punches, stamps and a bulletin board.

We also need to re-hang the closet doors. They the mirrored kind and right now are gold trimmed. So the plan is to sand and repaint them a white to match the rest of the future trim. I can already picture the girls twirling in dress up clothes in front of the mirrors.

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  1. What a job!! You deserved an evening out after that one!