Friday, September 14, 2012

12 months

Last week our baby turned 1.
Where does time go? I wish I could take the clock and make it turn a little slower.
Evelynn has 2 teeth that poked through the skin just before her birthday. 
She is trying walk. Taking little steps here and there. Almost looks like she wants to take of running.
She can be dramatic and stubborn.

She is busy. Always moving.
She dumps the kitchen cupboards, pulls laundry off the couch and empties the drawers in the bathroom.
She is quick to give mom and dad a smile. 
Begs dad to pick her up the moment he walks in the door from work.
She's a climber. Every time I turn around she's climbed up on something else.
She likes to think she's the boss. Pointing her finger & shouting in baby talk.
She loves here siblings. She is excited to see Nolan when he comes home from school.
She is such a joy and blessing. 
So thankful we have been blessed with her in our lives.

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