Monday, September 17, 2012

Mission accomplished

On Friday afternoon I sat down to work on my goal to scrapbook. I got 4 layouts done! Yup, that's 4. All were done around the daily challenges from Big Idea Festival going on at Big Picture Classes. I hope I'll have more time today to complete a couple more before the class ends. But if not, I'm excited I was able to submit my work in at least 6 of the 14 challenges.

Click any picture if you'd like to make it bigger and read the journalling. 

Day 4: Create a layout or project recording goals, hopes or dreams.
I forgot about leaving room for my journaling so it got really small. You probably won't be able to read it.
 I've journaled about wanting to learn how to budget so our finances aren't so up and down with seasonal work to the winter lay offs. About wanting bigger priced things, such as a bigger piece of land. Wanting to be debt-free. Refinancing our house. Going from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year mortgage. Lowering our interest rate 4%! Learning to leave my debit card and credit card at home and carry cash only. Learning to budget.  

Day 6: Use Cathy's free digital download to create a page that gets real. 

Day 7: Create a layout using a BIG photo.

Day 10: 1. Get in front of the camera and get some pictures of you!
2. Use a supply that you've been saving for the perfect layout on a scrapbook page today.
3. Think about something that's missing from your happily ever after. What steps can you take to make this a part of your  happily right now?

This newly re-arranged area works great! Nolan and Naomi have been happy to sit on the floor and cut up and stamp on construction paper. Staple it and cut it some more. There's even enough room for Nolan to play games on the computer while I'm crafting.
My littlest helper has been enjoying dumping stamps and other lower items. I put the harmless dump-ables lower for this purpose. It makes her happy and makes me happy I can craft. There is one slight problem. The small fold up table I use as my surface to work is a little too low. She can reach up and grab anything that's on the edge. I didn't discover this until she had confiscated several of my tools. I got up to get coffee and when I rounded the corner I busted her sneaking off with another items. She knew she was guilty and tried to run away. It was too funny! The surprised expression of getting caught on her face was great! Oh, and she finally discovered the paper stand full of paper. Right away she tried pulling the paper out of the shelves. I did put a stop to that one. That one's off limits. I'll have to push the chair back in front of it.
I can't wait to be able to sit down and try craft a little every day! Weather it's journalling, a card or a whole scrapbook layout.

This weekend my friend Elaine helped me make a bookshelf. It's put together, just needs a light sanding and a clear coat of finish on it. I'm excited that it will be added to this little crafting corner. Phase one to the desk over haul that will hopefully be a work in progress this winter. 

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