Friday, September 21, 2012

It's been

a busy week over there.
This past Saturday Ryan shot a small moose. So Monday and Tuesday were spent processing moose meat. I got to dig in and get my hands dirty too. We now have meat in the freezer for winter. Yay!

I did a few days of  both the drop off and picks up for the car pool this week. I usually just do the pick ups. Have to admit I would much rather do the pick ups. Loading up hungry, jammie clad girls in this wet, cold weather isn't something they enjoyed.

Had a friend over so we could plan our day circle lesson on Wednesday. We also got to catch up on each other's lives while drinking coffee and enjoying lunch. The kids also had a blast playing together.

And Thursday I also got to have a couple different friends over to make some crafty projects for our annual church craft sale. Again we worked while visiting and drinking coffee. Super fun!

Poor Nolan has had way too many late nights this week. This morning I had to drag him out of bed while practically dressing him while he still sleeping. Next week I will get him in bed a decent hour.

Right now I have been enjoying the busyness of life. It helps make these days fly by. I didn't find time to journal and record thoughts and other ideas rolling around in my head. Next week I'll have to carve out a small amount of time during my day to do just that. If I don't find the time during the day I'll do it after the kids are in bed. Oh and I'll blog a little more too.

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