Friday, August 3, 2012


A couple weekends ago, Ryan went halibut fishing out of Homer. I thought it would be a great family opportunity, so we all piled in and went with him. The drive was, as always, absolutely beautiful. I will never get tried of all the beauty that surrounds us here.
We, kids included, got up nice and early to see Ryan off. We drove down to the end of the spit and watched the boat go out. We also watched the ferry come in, dock and unload.
 Then thinking the kids ought to be tried and ready to enjoy a nice morning nap, we all snuggled back in and attempted a nap. Slowly one by one they climbed out of the covers, start giggling and jumping all around the car. Since I knew not much was opened this early, I continued to snuggle beneath the covers to pass the time. It wasn't much later when the kids found my gum and it was passed around. 
Shortly there after, I had a piece of gum that landed in my hair. Ugh! Seriously? With a groan I climbed up to investigate. 
It was a good thing I packed along some peanut butter for our sandwiches. I promptly applied a BIG glob of peanut butter and worked the gum out. 
Sweet deal! I only then realized that I didn't have anything to wash the peanut butter out but with wet wipes. Groan. So I did the best I could. For several long hours afterwards I smelt like a walking peanut butter factory. All in all it ended up being a pretty long day. The guys did however catch there limit. The fish weren't huge but we came home with fish. I hope the next time something like this happens I really think twice about trying to make it a family event.    Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. That Evelynn! I'm sure she's the one who found the gum! I'm gonna get you a t-shirt that says, "My other job is working in a peanut butter factory." Or perhaps, "Got bread?" Or "Will work for bread and jelly." Or "Peanut butter. The next best conditioner."