Friday, June 7, 2013

23:52 Details

Yes, last week I was missing in action. I'm sure I could have found some sort of photo for you but felt like I still had baby brain going on.

Two weeks ago we welcomed our little Anne. We hauled our camera and phones with us to the hospital. We were able to for the first time send pictures of our sweet little girl to our parents and family. It made those miles feel a wee bit less.
I'm not always good with relying on my memory or recording details with pen and paper. I have found that I'm best with the camera being my memory. 
I wanted to capture details from the hospital that often get forgotten. 
My IV this time when in on the first poke! The hospital had my blood work orders on file this time, and we didn't get delayed because my blood needed to get redrawn. We had a repeat nurse, she was awesome! We ordered Moose's Tooth pizza, to go, for lunch before heading home. And we can't forget that we took the truck in. The climb in wasn't as bad as I imagined. But not the most enjoyable ride home. 
We have been resting and adjusting our schedule to diaper changes and a hungry little one. Our weather finally feels a little more like summer. And all the kids are home as of yesterday. 

Head over to Maaret's Blog to see what kind of details she has recorded.

And make sure to have a great weekend!

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  1. So fun to see the pictures! Wish we were closer to share these special times. MOM