Friday, February 1, 2013

5:52 Black and White

Is it already Friday?
This week whizzed right on by for me. It has been a very busy week for this house! A little too busy. But maybe a good distraction to the husband working tons of hours right now. 
I do have to say, that I am very glad the weekend is here! 1 that we get to sleep in the next two days. And 2 my husband is told he will have Sunday off from work. He is very happy for the Super Bowl this year!! 

Here's a few favorites from this past week that I also liked in Black & White.
I made a goal for the month of January to organize a few targeted areas: front entry way. scrapbooking stuff. office desk area. main desk area. paper work. clothes. bookshelf. I believe I hit all the areas minus the bookshelf. My friend and I built the bookshelf back in October! I finally got around to painting it this week. Only 3 months but who's counting? I don't know if I can get on the husband for projects that don't get done right away now. He hauled the bookshelf in for me last night and I can't wait get our book mess organized. 
Now to pick a new goal for February.....

Were changing up the circle a bit this month so head on over and see what Jessica's got next. 

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  1. Fun pictures! I know that the gas pump isn't Three Bears, but I can almost imagine standing there with my collar pulled up and holding the car door against the wind ... except the snow isn't blowing. Looks downright chilly!