Friday, September 13, 2013

37:52 Emotion

Emotion; any feeling; such as joy, love or fear.

Such as anticipation. 
Or excitement.
It is rewarding to watch the different emotions of my children. Watching how each one deals with the situations, or what type of emotion it causes.  Each one of my children are alike but yet so different. 
I know I am a lucky mom that gets to watch her kids grow. Sure at times I don't always feel so lucky, like when the cup of milk hits the floor an hour after scrubbing them. Or when you finally sit down to feed the baby, then the one on the toilet needs to be wiped and the other one is digging and dumping the pantry. Lucky, is the last emotion I'm thinking.  But these moments pass all too quickly. There are many mixed emotions as my kids get older and their independence grows. How quickly that time goes!

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