Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Off to the dump

A couple months back after receiving the garbage bill and seeing the rates had increased my husband and I decided to cancel our garbage service. Since than we have been more conservative by burning all paper items in the wood stove in the garage and putting food in the compost. An added bonus is that as a home owner we get a $10 dump coupon each year from the Mat-Su borough.  Today we finally made our first trip to the dump. I needed to run to Palmer for 1 errand. Since our second garbage can was now full I decided to combined stops. I grabbed our dump coupon, loaded our 2 garbage cans and helpers into the car.
Nolan was all excited for the adventure since we got to sit in the front due to the garbage cans being in the back. I can not believe that for 2 months worth of garbage it was only $5!!!  That's a total savings of $55. (Lets hope that I can be excited about this every time the cans get full.)
The gentleman working was great! As I handed him our coupon I as if he could punch it and he literally did. :)  Looks like sometime before March 31st of next year we still have $5 to punch on our coupon.

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