Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips, Tricks & Techniques Tuesday

Creating a Christmas tag with printed sentiments

Measure tag. Mine were 2 ¼ inches wide and 4inches tall.

In a word document type

Then watching your rulers add sentiment closer to the 3 ½ marker.
               Happy Holidays
         From our house to yours

I copied the typing with spacing in between and pasted it again towards the bottom of my word document allowing me to print 2 tags.

Then print onto cardstock. You will need to know which way your printer feeds it’s paper through.
*Tip: if you are using a cardstock tag print onto something with the same weight.

Now tape tag directly to top of where your typing is.
*Tip you can hold your paper to the light with tag on top to align correctly
*Tip: use a moveable tape. If you don’t have a moveable tape don’t press your tape down hard
*Scotch makes a moveable tape, will share later on what other uses it can be used for.

Reprint again. This time it will print onto your tags. I used the same piece of cardstock and printed many different tags.

After you have printed, remove Tags and embellish.


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