Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Triangular Paper Tree

To create a triangular tree:
1. cut a 5 inch octagon.
You can cut this on cricut or silhouette or your paper cutter. If you are using your paper cutter follow steps 2 thru 4. If you can cut an octagon on your cricut or silhouette skip to step 5.
2. Measure and mark 1 ½ inches from each corner.
3. Draw a diagonal line to connect each mark.
4. Cut along each diagonal line to create an octagon
5. Cut octagon in half, then half and half again until you have 8 perfect triangular pieces.
If you are making your Christmas cards this year with trees on them this is a simple way to create a lot of perfect looking trees without all the cutting.

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  1. Amazing tutorial-you are one smart lady!