Friday, March 29, 2013

13:52 Things that grow

I wish I could be sharing pictures of green grass, flowers that are sprouting, and buds that are starting to open. But instead I'll share with you the white stuff that is still growing in our yard. I can assure you I wasn't excited about the snow we got this week as the kids were. 
This dumping caused me to get stuck at the bottom of our driveway. Not so fun! I shoveled the lower half to get the van up. I thought I'd save the rest of the shoveling for when the hubby got home but he called later to say he was heading home with a flu bug. Ugh! So, I tried my hardest to finish... cleared half of what was left. I left a small section for him to finish after he got feeling better. 
Who are these big kids!

 Nolan has been loving the warmer temps and his snowboard. The snow pile is the perfect little snowboarding hill for him. He has spent at least an hour outside every evening this week.

Oh, the baby bump is growing.

And Evelynn is wishing her hair would start growing a little faster.
Maybe when she's 3 we'll have a pony tail and people won't mistake her for a boy.

Travel on down to warmer climates and see what's growing on Keilah's side of the world.

We will be able to enjoy Easter services with a visiting minister in town! Sure will be a treat. 
Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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  1. You have all kinds of growing going on over there!
    The snow. Each time I hear that another 12" is dropping in your world I immediately equate the coming of Easter with cleaning out the greenhouse and then I realize that I probably couldn't get the door open this year!!
    Thinking spring for you!