Friday, March 1, 2013

9:52 in your closet

I didn't know if I should spend my week frantically cleaning my closet first, before taking any sort of  picture.
Or color organize all the hanging items...
 I just couldn't bring myself to mess the somewhat size order that is going on in there, pre-maternity- to the ever growing belly. I don't put clothes away as I go up a size but subtract as I go back down. That way I don't have to put them away, just to take them back out.  I think seeing them is an added incentive to get back in them.  
While my side of the closet is cram packed full of clothes I can't wear...
The husband's side of the closet is more telling of who he is, the hunter.
 If our closet were bigger I'm sure there would be a few more sets of antlers in there, since he has long since run out of wall space in our bedroom.
Head over to Keilah's blog to see what the inside of her closet has.

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