Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend wrap

On Saturday we started our weekend by finding all the snowflakes that were still hanging in our house and got rid of them! Nolan wanted to save them to hang next winter. What a sweet child! I quickly told him he'll be 6 then and way better at making snowflakes, so we'll just have to make more. He was content with this.
(I confess, I did tell the kids this is why our snow isn't melting.)
Then we printed off some new coloring sheets to color and hang around the house.
To print your own you can go here. They have so many choices. I typed in the search what I was looking for; sun, flowers, spring.
Our house now feels a little more like spring. The sunshine and blue skies brightened our day also.
Sunday the kids were so excited about the Easter bunny they were up at 7:30 am to see if he came. After they found their baskets and seeing the candy, they no longer wanted to consume any breakfast.  Since we still had hours until church to keep their minds off the sugar, we played Old Maid and Blink.

We attempted a family picture before church. 
Looks like we need a little practice on how to keep our eyes open in the sunshine. 
 Easter Services were so refreshing and uplifting, being surrounded by others singing and listening to the word of God. All my worries and doubts were once again erased. My trust and faith in God was yet again renewed and strength. It was truly a great way to end a week and start another. 

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