Monday, April 8, 2013

Stars and Stripes quilt

I made this quilt for my dear aunt, Anita, who is also my Godmother. The goal was to have it complete and at her doorstep for her birthday, but was a couple weeks late. 
When Anita lived in Alaska we used to visit over coffee while oohing and aahing over all the beautiful stuff that Country Living magazine had to offer that month. I remember her liking a quilt that was made with just plaid blocks, then straight line quilted over each block to make it look like it was a bunch of strips pieced together. The quilting might have switched directions every other block. I tucked this behind my ear. Knowing and seeing her love for stars grow, the stars then got added to the quilt design also. Just absolutely love the way quilts come out of the dryer! That wrinkle-y, quilted look. 
This is the biggest quilt I have made and machine quilted so far. I have to admit the cutting of all the pieces, making the quilt blocks and then quilting the quilt are my most favorite parts to making a quilt. I hope Anita will enjoy this quilt as much as I did dreaming about making it, making the blocks, and then finding the right design to quilt it with. Happy Birthday Anita!


  1. That Ryan holding up the quilt for the photo-op? Yep, only certifiable folks wonder about stuff like that! Oh IS a very nice quilt...I like the combination of stars and plaids.

    1. It would have been but he was at work. So I used my sister, Anika. She was standing on step stool. :)