Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Girls room part II

Wow, I thought I'd get this up a lot sooner than now... We first started turning this room around from craft room to girls room way back in November. You can read about it here. Sure has a whole different look now.

We replaced the pack and play with an actual crib for Evelynn.

Somewhere in the mean time Ryan got the mirror closet doors repainted and hung.

I finally sat down to make curtains. The supplies were all on hand. More or less I just needed  to make the time to do it. We are still awaiting some down time from Ryan to hang the rod for the curtains above the cubbies. But in the meantime I just grabbed a few thumb tacks and hung them that way. The curtains hide some of my crafty stuff. Feels more clean and the urge to climb and dig from little's is less when it's out of sight.

We now have room for some indoor basket ball. Where the hoop was before, the ball would keep landing in the crib. The hoop will stay in this room until Nolan has his very own room again.(He's sharing with my sister.)
The walls have all been patched from the many holes.  They still need a little sanding. Then a fresh coat of paint. The walls will probably stay white again, with one wall accented with a little pink.
I have been collecting some items that will hang on the walls once the basketball hoop moves into Nolan's room. Bouncing balls and pictures, I don't believe mix very well. One of the items is a picture my sister, Teena, drew of Evelynn as a baby. I've been hunting for a frame and mat. I can't wait to hang it above her crib! 


  1. I looked at the pictures from your first post about the girls room and my! what a difference!

  2. Wow!! Where on earth did you put all your crafting stuff?! It looks awesome ... love love love the curtains and the sunlight streaming in the window.

    1. Anita- As of right now the sewing stuff is split between the girl's closet and the front entry way and paper crafting stuff is in my bedroom. Been looking for a different desk that has more storage or buffet to hold the card making stuff. Need the just the right piece. :)