Friday, April 5, 2013

14:52 At Play

We have been playing a lot around here. 
It could be that it finally feels like spring might be here. 
The card games the Easter bunny brought have been a big hit! We can even find time to play a few games in the morning before school starts. 
But the snow has been were the kids have played the most this past week. Except for today (the wind started to blow a little bit here) all 3 kids have been outside playing for the following hour or so after Nolan gets home from school.
Nolan made his own bump on our little sledding hill. The first day I found myself outside watching per Nolan's request to watch them catch air. He even insisted on me taking a little video to watch later. 
Naomi chooses to 'play' during nap time. She is a quite person all by herself. I really don't mind her being up since I still get a little quite down time myself. Lately this is where I've had time to catch-up on office work. Naomi follows me where ever I am and will bring what she has picked out to play with. 
Painting has been her thing lately. 

Now head on over Kendra's way to see what she has found at play.

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  1. Love Love the sledding pictures! MOM