Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have the world's best

He has always put mine and our kids needs before his own.
After getting home from 10 wonderful days of soaking up the sun, relaxing, visiting, and shopping I came home to a spotless house. He vacuumed out my extremely disgusting van & washed it. And then to top it all off he left me half a dozen roses on my night stand with a note telling me he misses me and love me. How sweet is that!
He is back to work away from home again. He did get laid off shortly before I left for Arizona. He got a call while I was gone, they needed someone who knew how to run and could possibly fix a sno cat if need be. He didn't have very much time to make a decision regarding this position. He did take the job and they estimated 4 weeks that he would be gone. Ugh! We missed each other by 36 hours.
Oh, I should add he purchased a new shovel for me so if we get more snow that I'd have something to move it with. :) What a guy.
I hate to admit but I'm really glad he did. I woke the morning after getting home to 5 inches of fresh fluffy white stuff. The shovel does work really well. The part I did shovel took me 25 minutes instead of close to an hour. Then my wonderful brother was over that evening and offered to move the rest of the snow.

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