Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kids day part 1

So as much as I feel like I need a little time to myself, my kids have been speaking in great volumes that they needed some extra mom time. So this week, for one day, we put aside the laundry, cleaning and all the other chores of a single mom, to spend almost the whole day doing fun activities that we don't normally do.

We started by making people for our wall.
To make, gather up some plain paper (tape it together if you have to), tape, scissors, pen, wrapping paper, construction paper, googly eyes, markers and glue.

Once taped, trace around child.
the line is sort of faint here

Next cut out around the outline. Take your glue and glue around where the pants would be and stick wrapping paper down on top. Smooth. Flip and cut out around the legs.
Now glue around where your shirt would be and stick wrapping paper down on top of this. Smooth. Flip and cut. It's okay if you have to piece the wrapping paper.
Now take your construction paper and add shoes, hands, face and hair.
Nolan really thought he wanted his person to have green hair. But I was able to have him pick a color that best matched his own.
Let the kids draw their own faces and glue eyes down.
Love Nolan's nose. It's right between his eyes.
Then hang on wall for kids to admire. :)
This is more for kids ages 4+. Naomi didn't help in the way of making her person. :) But had fun being included nonetheless.
Stay tuned for more of the activities that we did that day.


  1. Amber! I found your blog via Anita's. Love your art project with the kids. You shoulda let Nolan have green hair! What's wrong with green hair? And where's Butterball?

  2. Selma- Well I guess there is nothing wrong with green hair. Next time. :) Butterball was cheering us on from the living room. :)