Wednesday, January 11, 2012


With all of our snow sitting on the power lines, the power company has stated to be prepared for when the power goes out. Your probably wondering why then the title and the picture from fall. I'm getting to that. When preparing to be gone for the weekend I asked one of Ryan's brothers to come by over the weekend to make sure if the power went out, it wasn't out long enough to deal with frozen and bursting pipes. The power did go out once during the weekend and not for a long period of time. We lost power again yesterday morning for a couple hours. After we regained our power I quickly went to turn the heater in our front porch back on. The porch has no source of heat right now beside a plug in heater, and stores all of our potatoes that we harvested out of the garden. It was then that I realized that the heater had been off since the weekend. I had completely forgotten about the heater out there. Ugh.
All the potatoes had froze.

I started thinking about all the waste, the time that was spend gardening and how good garden potatoes taste, but had to quickly change my attitude. 
I am quite thankful that we can in fact garden and harvest our own vegetables.
I am thankful that our kids take a great part in the gardening process.
I am thankful that we have been able to eat our own potatoes up until this point.
I am thankful for all time spent with the kids and the memories that have been made.

This year I want to try to always see the best in everything that is done. Sure it doesn't always happen the way we would have wanted it to go and we sometimes have no control over that. But we do have control over our attitude. An advisor of mine during High School once told me this saying, 'You have your bed to lie down in, but you can always change the sheets,' I'll never forget this saying and the meaning of it.



  1. Amber, there is a bright side. As good as the pototoes taste ... it could have been an unplugged freezer full of moose or fish. That one really stinks! Look forward to more memory making next summer!
    Is there any possibility of doing a root cellar under the garage?

  2. So true. Glad it was the potatoes instead of the freezer. I think you could make a root cellar in the garage but that means keeping the wood stove burning at all time and that thing can burn through the wood! When we have negative weather, you just feed the wood all day. We struggled to get enough wood stacked up just to heat it for working on projects.