Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Our back entry way is our laundry room, pantry & point of entry we use the most.
Last spring we gutted and did some rearranging to maximise our floor space.
The cabinets are the only thing that are missing in order for the room to be complete.

Today I tackled the laundry room wall.
Some day it will have cabinets on it, but who knows when that will be.
So until then we'll enjoy it filled with color.



It already makes me smile.

I'm not happy with the way my pictures printed. Way too dark! I did suspect that would happen if I printed there. They will remain that way until this summer when they will need to be updated.

I just found the tin signs at the thrift store. Knew right away they would make a perfect fit to the decor here. I found the wash board a few years back at a garage sale. I envision it on top of the future cabinets with a old wash tub. I created a stencil using the cricut and card stock for both 'LAUNDRY' and the word collage. Wish I would have slowed down and took more time painting them. But then again, it wouldn't have looked like I painted it.


  1. Like it. Want to come perk up my house? MOM

  2. Fun! That's one wall that I would mind gazing at while spending the countless hours doing laundry. Maybe I should perk up my own laundry closet!

  3. *wouldn't mind, not would mind :)