Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Excited, happy, nervous...

Yesterday Ryan phoned to tell me he is coming home for a few days and that he'll be on a flight home today. It is too cold to work. The forecast has the cold weather holding for the next couple days. So, instead of having the guys sitting around camp, equipment idling but not running they decided to shut it down for a couple days and return at the end of the week.
Yay! I could not be more excited!
The kids don't know at first he is coming home. (I was pretty scared that he wouldn't truly get a flight out and I'd have upset kids.) But now that he has boarded a plane I think it's safe to tell them.
I was a little frantic about getting this house looking spotless but then had to stop myself to remember, he isn't coming home to see how clean the house is, but to come see us. Shoot he might even be excited to help put the dishes & laundry away and even haul out the compost.
I'm off to pick up my better half.  

As I was scrolling through my January 2012 picture folder trying to find a picture of him to share I realized that out of the 250+ pictures that were there I wasn't going to find a single picture of him. He hasn't been home at all during this new year.

I am seriously nervous about his departure. As for me and him we have learned how to communicate, listen, sacrifice and love each other better than we did when we were first married. The little ones we have created and brought into this life don't always understand that. I am sure know it is going to tough on all of us again. I hope to make the best of these day he is home.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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