Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moose be getting close...

 We've been cooped up for a while with all this cold weather.
The kids have been literally bouncing off the walls. Driving this mama crazy.
With deadlines close approaching and all the energy levels building, we burned some energy at turf time this week. The kids had a blast running around playing with friends.

We have had some visitors lately.
Big hairy ones.
One that tried to eat my wreath.
It was literally just outside the door.

These things are huge!
It's back looks to be the same height as the roof on the playhouse.

 Evelynn is growing way too fast!  In the 3 weeks Ryan has been gone, she has learned how to roll from her back to stomach. She has more control over her hands, reaching and successfully grabbing at toys and anything within reach. She is starting to grow out her 3 to 6 month clothes and is mostly in 6 month clothes. She has also been blowing bubbles. We are missing him tremendously!
I have decided to put together a little book using Paper Lovelies February kit for him. That way when he does come home, and if he has to leave again, he can take a piece of home with him. Drawings from the kids, pictures and letters. Look for a sneak peek coming Friday.

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