Thursday, January 5, 2012

Calling for some order

With Ryan being away, I have no one to hold me accountable for doing the deeper cleaning of the house.
I am realizing that I do the majority of these chores are done when Ryan is home distracting the kids.
Only having nap time and the time after the kids are tucked into bed, I have been torn between just putting the feet up, crafting and cleaning.

I enjoy a house that is clean. I truly do. 
When I slack off and let these chores go, it takes forever to get caught back up and get back to the routine of keeping up on it.  

Today we need some order around this cluttered, dirty house.

I am going to set the timer and use 1 hour of nap time to see what I can knock off this long list.
  • dusting 
  • the clutter on the kitchen counters
  • bring the pile of paperwork from kitchen counter to filing pile
  • round up the last of the Christmas items & put away
  • Empty garbage's
  • Burn paper garbage
  • clean & wipe out fridge cleaned out but not wiped
  •  bring the compose out
  • vacuum
  • scrub floors
  • fold & put away 3 loads of laundry 2 loads are folded the kids clothes got put away
  • scrub bathrooms
  • organize and clean computer area
  • clean bedrooms
  • go through toys
  • The middle child never did take a nap today. My cleaning was done between needs of children. So it felt like all I did today was clean. Time to get the kiddos off to bed. Then I'm going to drink coffee do a little crafting.
I am shooting to complete a big portion of  the whole list. The computer area and bedrooms will have to wait for another day though.

Supper is already the majority of the way done and in the crock pot cooking.

Did I mention that today I get to stay at home all day and not have anywhere I have to go?
Aah... feels so nice not to have to go out.


  1. Supper in the crockpot while hubby is gone? Put that on the ambitious list! I'm impressed. I remember once when Jari was working out of town and I was probably doing more crafting than cooking while the kids were younger, I finally heard a "Are we going to eat some real food around here?!" comment from my oldest.
    It is amazing how valuable that distraction of kids can be so we can get something done around the house. Makes the work load a whole lot easier. Many years ago when I was working full time and had little people in the house, I use to divide my evening into 15 minute segments to see what I could get done. It worked for me then. Now, I'd probably play a little Family Circus and be off and distracted before I hit the first item on the list!

  2. I like the 15 minutes segments of cleaning. I have been staying up way too late to get crafting in! I guess the one thing that I have stayed up on is getting supper made. Might be at 7pm but hey we are eating. :)