Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Instead of cleaning

Today I almost finished my crocheted rug.
It not 100% rectangular but I like it just the same.
A couple weeks ago I bought a rug at Target. Hauled it home and did not like it.
I decided to look at the thrift store for some fun colored sheets and I scored.
I returned my rug to Target and started making my own.
But like always I started and never had the chance to finish it.
A friend of mine made a big circular one for her living room, which inspired me to try make one for the bathroom. I was at her house today dropping off some things and it got me inspired to work on this again.
Now all I need to do is weave my ends in and it will be complete.
I need to stop and make dinner but the goal is afterwards to complete it.
It will be nice to cross another unfinished project off my list.

Ryan thinks he will be home somewhere in the next couple weeks so the push to complete and finish projects is on. Going to be switching gears again, to play with some paper.  

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