Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Calendar

Yes, I do know it's already December 5th. Life sure has been busy over here with the Holidays fast approaching. I don't want to acknowledge the amount of days I have to make and mail presents out.

I haven't liked the idea of an advent calendar in which you get a piece of candy every day until Christmas.
This house already has a sweet tooth and I've decided that more candy wasn't for us.

I saw on Pinterest that they did something for each day. It can be found Here. Love the idea!
I also saw on Ali Edwards blog that she was going to wrapping a book for every day, to unwrap and read each day. This house really loves books. Love that too! It can be found Here.
So I combined both ideas.
I raided my collection of books and then went looking at the thrift store. I came up with a total of 14 books.

We made tags with numbers to label each book & started wrapping.

We have now opened 2 books and the kids are just as excited to read them as they are to unwrap them.

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