Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reindeer & snowman

Today was a make craft day

We made reindeer from candy canes

Items needed:
2 candy canes
1 pom poms for the nose
2 googly eyes
brown yarn

We taped the 2 candy canes together, then wrapped them with brown yarn. Next we hot glued the eyes and noses on.

And Snowmen from marshmallows

Items needed:
1 stick to build snowman on
3 marshmallows
1 pretzel stick broken in half
1 orange sprinkle for nose
2 brown sprinkles for eyes
3 colorful sugar balls for buttons

To make eyes, nose and buttons stick use a toothpick to puncture a small hole in marshmallow. This will allow you to place the sprinkle in the small hole and there will be a small amount of stickiness to hold it in place.

Total we made 35 reindeer & 24 snowmen. Came up 1 short of meeting the goal I had in mind.

1 comment:

  1. Love the marshmallow snowmen. Will have to let Kiana do that when she is bored! MOM