Monday, December 12, 2011

Mission Accomplished

We spend the weekend away from home.

When we got the invite for the company Christmas party Ryan is working with we started making plans.
  • Spend some family time together.
  • Stay the night in a hotel with a pool.
  • Go thrift store shopping.
  • Ryan take his CDL permit test.

Mission accomplished!

I hardly picked up the camera. Ryan snapped a few.
Enjoyed playing and having fun with the kids.
The kids had a blast in the pool.
AK residents I recommend the Hampton Inn. The pool was really warm.
I found 1 treasure from the thrift store to re-do.
After all the cramming Ryan did this weekend his hard work paid off
and he passed the CDL permit test.

Today will be a low key day recouping from the flu. Nolan & I were plagued with it last night. It seems like a quick bug. Nolan has already bounced back. I think with the lack of sleep it will take me a little bit longer. Now that everyone in this house has gotten it lets hope we are done with it.

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  1. How fun to get away and do something fun with your family. Those moments are what the kids will always remember. MOM