Friday, December 2, 2011

It's getting warmer...

Our temperature is crawling back up.

My oldest child, Nolan was pretty scared this morning with the sounds of snow crashing off the roof. We have a metal roof and when the snow gets too heavy or the temperatures start warming up it slides off the roof. After he kicked me out of bed, he promptly turned all the lights on to confirm that no one was in the house. :)

I snapped this picture after showing him what I was taking about and it was light enough to see.

Of course he needed to put on his boots and go outside to check it out. I soon heard Naomi giggling and the sound of snow hitting the window.

These kids fill my days with laughter and joy!
Love them to pieces.

Today we will go into the crawl space and dig out the Christmas decorations.
This was on the agenda yesterday but our afternoon was spent running paperwork to my husband in Anchorage instead. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get down there. I missed the road I needed to turn on tried to whip a u turn on the next road, dropped my front tire off the pavement and got myself stuck. 45 minutes later after some kind people helped me get unstuck we were back on the road. Arg!  To make a long story short we got home late, got out of bed late and have had a slow start to the morning.
I am hoping that we will get our Christmas tree sometime over the weekend also.(My husband is on the couch today sick with the flu, hope it is a quick bug and we all don't get it.) 
Will share photos on Monday.

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