Friday, December 16, 2011

I told myself I was only going to sit down and get online while the 2nd pot of coffee is perking.

The To Do list is long.
I love when I get to cross off items completed.

Yesterday I finally tackled & cleaning my craft room. Again.
If you know me I am always doing this! Mostly to fit yet another good deal!
I think I finally re-arranged, so the kids can be in there with me.
I wrapped and mailed 10 Christmas presents today. -whew!-
I absolutely detest standing in the post office line. Click and ship at the postal services web site is so nice! If you saw me at the post office today you might have seen my huge grin on my face when I walked past the long line of people and dropped off my already labeled packages.
7 of which were homemade. *big smile* I'll share photos once they have been opened.

As of late I have been working best under pressure or when the deadline fast approaching.

On the to do list is to mark the calendar for next year to start earlier!

Coffee is done.

Now to do a few fast and easy items to make the list a little shorter.

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