Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Funny how the new year always makes one start thinking of things they want to change or do differently as another year begins.

I've been thinking about the new year and what I would like to tweak a bit and resolve to do.

1.Exercise. Yes, don't we all do this every year! Mine isn't so much for the weight loss (I won't complain if I lose a pound or two) but to make exercising a habit and to keep in shape. Having babies puts you out of shape real fast. I could find all kinds of crafty things to do or web sites to spend time oohh and aahh-ing over instead of exercising. My plan is to start by exercising 1 day per week until it's no longer a chore. Then adding another day, until working up to 3 times per week. I feel this is something I can commit to and not set myself up for failure. 

2. Budget. In our house my husband works construction which means seasonal work. That plus me not being a good saver, means that it has been feast or famine in this house. Now with 3 kids, not really the way we want to live. I'm not the one who spends on big ticketed items but rather buying little things here or there. I am sucker for a good deal, (even if I don't need it!) and buy on emotion. When I go to the craft store I might add $5 to $20 extra per visit. That added up through out the year gets to be a lot. Then on the other side of it I have a room full of good deals. I do roll my money back into my crafts. Sell something = buy more. But I'm pretty sure I have WAY more than I will ever need. 
Pencil in need self control here.
I would really like to prove to my husband that, yes indeed we can make a budget and I can stick to it. We were talking before he left to sit down together and come up with a budget. Have a regular weekly grocery amount, a regular set amount that goes into the winter fund (the regular utility bills, food & fuel for the vehicles) and also the emergency fund (the unplanned expenses, i.e. car repairs, broken water softener, etc.). Since we only get 1 hour to talk a day right now, I'll have to sit down & do some homework. Then we can together see what is needed and what is extra.
I'll take any advise your willing to offer and give it a whirl. I've tried some things that others have done. Some have worked while others haven't. 
I want to get this figure out for real this time! Yes, I do know that we will never be as prepared as we want to be. But I want be able to enjoy life while living debt free.
Do you budget? What do you do?

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  1. I am the last one to "talk" over here, as I've never been a good budgeter. Have you checked out Debt Free Living on Torm's blog? I should hop over there myself!