Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tips, Tricks & Techniques Tuesday

I really like the font of this 'happy birthday' stamp. The only problem is that the words sit on top of each other and I needed a sentiment that didn't.
This works better when using clear stamps but you can use wood mounted stamps also.

I wanted to figure out how I could still use this stamp.

I first put a piece of scrap paper below where my sentiment was to be stamped. I then aligned where I wanted my 'happy' to sit & stamped.

Then I moved my scrap paper above where my sentiment was to be stamp.  Aligned my 'birthday' & stamped.

Now I had the font from the stamp I wanted, in the spacing I wanted.

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  1. Neat idea. I wish our card supplies were in a more accessable spot now that I have that magazine for ideas. Mom